I thought I'd make these two classic games available here for you people who's old Apples no longer work, only have a PC to use and want a nostalgic trip back to when fuel and beer were cheap, darts were dangerous and everyone was smiling.

Check out the downloads section for the files you need to play. The ZIP contains MiniVMac with a Mac Plus ROM file. The Mac image contains System 6, Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle. It DOES NOT contain Return to Dark Castle which is a current game and is available to purchase from Super Happy Fun Fun, see the downloads / links page for a shortcut.

When you've downloaded the fairly small 3.2 MB image extract the three files and just drag and drop the DCImage file onto the Mini vMac program file to auto boot the emulated 'Mac Plus' system.

The two folders for Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle are there for you, choose your game and double click on it to take a trip down memory lane.

NB. Press CTRL-F to go to full screen mode, it sucks big time in windowed mode when you move your mouse off the active screen while trying to shoot gargoyles ;-)

EASTER EGG: Set your date to December 25th to see the festive graphics.

Kind Regards